Over the past few years a number of travel management companies have promoted their state of the art technologies that would greatly lower costs and automate time-consuming reservation functions. Some of them invested great sums of money to develop their own in-house technologies and establish new technology divisions within their companies. Campbell Resources has always been on the forefront of new technologies - not costly, in-house systems that require constant maintenance and upgrading, but sophisticated technologies available from stable, industry companies. For more than 15 years, Campbell has been researching technologies that meet its Best of Class criteria. Each year a large number of technologies are investigated and analyzed, but few are actually chosen. It takes superior technology, strong financial support and outstanding customer service to be chosen Campbell Resources Best of Class technology.

Campbell Resources has partnered with Concur Premier Travel offering the Best-in-Class online booking tool. Beyond that, our mid-office technology, GDSX, provides the platform to further customize travel programs to meet each client’s specific needs. Campbell is continuing to research technologies for mobile, smart device access to cloud-based travel management systems and will be embracing new Web 2.0 technologies for the coming years as well as a Single Sign-in Web Portal for informational dashboards and client services.

Traveler security programs are a critical service that Campbell Resources provides to all its customers. With an increased rise in terrorism and political instability, domestic violence, natural disasters, weather and health related incidents, risk management data has become a necessary commodity for corporate America. Campbell Resources is making available a Risk Management Tool that allows customers to locate travelers on a real-time basis, using specific date/date ranges, city locator or geographical region to drill down to specific information needed to properly manage an international travel program.





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